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Solo Playing – The Walking Dead All Out War

At the time of penning this article we are living in strange times. The corona virus is ravaging the world and to be honest the way the year 2020 has panned out I wouldn’t be surprised if the dead started walking again! With restrictions in place it has meant that normal gaming club meet ups and playing at each others houses has become difficult or non existent. In these days where I need to play table top games to maintain my sanity I have turned to solitary gaming using The…

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Michonne figure from my own collection
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Michonne Venegful Hunter – Booster Overview

Welcome back to this weeks blog entry, which is a look at the booster pack from Mantic Games All Out War range containing the Michonne Vengeful Hunter set. As always with the Mantic range for Walking Dead be aware that the game is based on the comic book versions of the characters. This set of miniatures is from the story timeline during the conflict with the Governor and his Woodbury army and Michonne’s return to Woodbury to meet out some violent revenge. Just as an aside, I thought David Morrissey…

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What Is Miniature Wargaming?

Wargaming (no matter how you dress it up) is recreating conflict on your table top using miniature figures (essentially toy soldiers) as game pieces. There are many facets to the hobby both the modelling and painting of your troops and scenery and also the tactical and strategic element, head to head trying to gain advantage over your opponents troops. I strongly feel that this type of gaming is extremely creative, both in the artistic sense when making your models and also in the table top gaming sense when deciding how…

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