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What Is Miniature Wargaming?

Wargaming (no matter how you dress it up) is recreating conflict on your table top using miniature figures (essentially toy soldiers) as game pieces. There are many facets to the hobby both the modelling and painting of your troops and scenery and also the tactical and strategic element, head to head trying to gain advantage over your opponents troops. I strongly feel that this type of gaming is extremely creative, both in the artistic sense when making your models and also in the table top gaming sense when deciding how…

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man painting miniatures
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Don’t Get In A Lather Over Washing

So, lets talk about using the ‘wash’ method when painting your miniatures. Its a method I’ve used for years and is a great way to add depth and detail to your figures for what is really minimal effort. Firstly, what is washing? Its simply applying a thinned coloured paint product, the consistency of ink, to your figure and allowing gravity to let the liquid run in to the crevices and folds on the figures sculpt, so that when it is dry it gives creates the appearance of depth and shadow…

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painted hospital scenery
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Visual Appeal

There are many facets to table top miniature gaming and one of those that gives me the greatest pleasure is the model making and painting aspect, I think it provides a creative outlet and as well as being calming for my mind it is very satisfying to see your finished results. New additions to the web store are the new terrain crate products which provide some well detailed and highly thematic scatter terrain for your gaming table and represent great value for money. The addition of these items elevate the…

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