Michonne figure from my own collection
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Michonne Venegful Hunter – Booster Overview

Welcome back to this weeks blog entry, which is a look at the booster pack from Mantic Games All Out War range containing the Michonne Vengeful Hunter set. As always with the Mantic range for Walking Dead be aware that the game is based on the comic book versions of the characters. This set of miniatures is from the story timeline during the conflict with the Governor and his Woodbury army and Michonne’s return to Woodbury to meet out some violent revenge. Just as an aside, I thought David Morrissey…

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Keeping It Together

As my own collection of the Walking Dead All Out War game has grown I have found myself needing to consider storage a little more, so I thought I’d share a couple of things I do to keep my stuff organised. Firstly the equipment cards, there are a stack of these and even more so if you invest in the equipment expansion deck (totally worth it!). So I can find these easily I use an Ultraguard 18 pocket card storage folder, I’ve added a photo so you can see. It…

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Dealing With Yellow

It is often considered that painting yellow is a bit tricky, and this is probably not helped by the fact acrylic yellow paints can be a little thin and not cover so well. So I thought I’d share my recent bit of yellow paint application on the miniature of Governors daughter Penny. The dress was firstly undercoated with white, I find this much easier to cover and gives more vibrant colours. The dress was base coated in Reaper paints marigold yellow, the paint covered pretty well and I gave it…

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