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Watch Out…The Whispers Are Coming

We’ve been waiting a while but at last the whispers faction is finally on its way with and expected release in August. The good news is I’ve already got my stock order in so I’ll have these available as soon as they are released. I’ve managed to get some sneaky preview pictures for you. There will be a faction box (like the saviours faction box) and also a booster pack to bulk out those nasty whispers. I’m intrigued to see what the new character cards look like and how the…

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Dealing With Yellow

It is often considered that painting yellow is a bit tricky, and this is probably not helped by the fact acrylic yellow paints can be a little thin and not cover so well. So I thought I’d share my recent bit of yellow paint application on the miniature of Governors daughter Penny. The dress was firstly undercoated with white, I find this much easier to cover and gives more vibrant colours. The dress was base coated in Reaper paints marigold yellow, the paint covered pretty well and I gave it…

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