Whisperers Faction Pack


Whisperers Faction Pack – Walking Dead

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Alpha and the Whisperers are finally here for Call to Arms and All Out War. Prepare to ramp the horror up a notch.

This pack contains cards to play the Whisperers in both All Out War and Call to Arms. This set includes six, high quality resin cast miniatures. represent the characters Alpha, Beta, Lydia and some of her gruesome gang of followers, lurking and mixing with the dead.  This set captures the theme of the threat posed by the Whisperers wonderfully.

Contents include

  • 1x Resin Alpha
  • 1x Resin Beta
  • 1x Resin Lydia
  • 3x Resin Whisperers Minions
  • All Out War Cards
  • Call to Arm Cards

Models supplied unpainted, we recommend for best results washing the miniatures in a little soapy water before painting and any assembly undertaken with super glue.

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