Two Headed Troll – (Reaper Bones Black)


Two Headed Troll – Reaper Bones

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From the ‘bones’ range comes this terrifying beast from a nearby cave to strike terror in to the heart of any adventurer.    Because of the production method using the reaper bones polymer plastic these represent really great value for money with as much detail as a metal figure and are simple to stick together with super glue.  From personal experience they paint up really well.

They say two heads are better than one and this is certainly true of this monster.  Approximate standing height of 80mm tall this fellow has some great facial details and is holding an item above his head ready to crush his foe, you get to choose to make him either brandishing a giant boulder or a huge pig!  I know which one I’d pick…oink!

This is a multi piece casting and is supplied unpainted


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