To Ur Is Human – Wargame Rules For Conflicts In Sumerian Mesopotamia


To Ur Is Human – Wargame Rules

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“To Ur is Human” is a set of table top rules written specifically for games set in the period of the Mesopotamian city-states, such as Akkad and Ur. Using a gridded playing area and easy to learn innovative rules, “To Ur is Human” allows for quick play games with a unique feel and approach. The author is a historian, wargamer and blogger who has written several sets of wargames rules and games. He produced several games for by the Society of Ancients as re-subscription incentives, when there was such a thing. His blog, “Wargaming for Grown Ups” contains more information on these rules, with photographs and reports of games in play.He also wrote “Northampton 1460” a board game of the Wars of the Roses battle of that name, which was published by the Northamptonshire Battlefields Society. He can usually be found on their stand at many wargames shows. More recently he went back to his roots as a historian and published “The Battle of Edgcote 1469 – Re-evaluating the evidence” to mark the 550th anniversary of the battle. It went on to win the Northamptonshire History Forum Award for best publication in 2019.

The rules are a soft back 29 page book complete with quick reference sheet on the rear cover.

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