Slayer Command Group (3 Dwarves)


Slayer Dwarf Command (3 figures)

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These are high quality 3D resin printed miniatures suitable for any fantasy theme or battle system.  Packed full of detail and character.  Some assembly may be required, super glue works perfectly with this product.

Please note:  These are printed to order and sent direct from the manufacturer.  Please allow 10-14 day days for production and delivery.  These are lovely figures and really worth the wait.

Multiple Heads

Slayer Captain 1.stl – 11.26mm x 20.77mm x 13.72mm
Slayer Captain 2.stl – 27.01mm x 28.78mm x 21.19mm
Slayer Captain 3.stl – 5.85mm x 3.02mm x 7.62mm
Slayer Flag Bearer 1.stl – 28.86mm x 69.61mm x 10.19mm
Slayer Flag Bearer 2.stl – 15.89mm x 10.12mm x 10.86mm
Slayer Flag Bearer 3.stl – 20.66mm x 22.52mm x 21.39mm
Slayer Flag Bearer 4.stl – 7.37mm x 21.05mm x 14.02mm
Slayer Musician 1.stl – 7.31mm x 21.06mm x 12.52mm
Slayer Musician 2.stl – 15.41mm x 22.19mm x 17.41mm
Slayer Musician 3.stl – 6.94mm x 11.57mm x 14.98mm
Slayer Musician 4.stl – 13.70mm x 10.70mm x 16.44mm


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