Shane Booster (Wave 1)


Shane Booster – Walking Dead (Wave 1)

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Shane was Rick’s former partner, serving on the Cynthiana Police force. He and Rick’s wife Lori joined a number of other survivors in a makeshift camp, and Shane assumed a leadership role. Rick’s reappearance inflamed Shane?s jealousy, and his emotions clouded his judgement, endangering the group. We’ve had lots of fun with the special ability of Shane, his mean streak allows him to make a walker that is attacking him go for another player in his kill zone, now that is mean!

This set contains 3 plastic miniatures, including:

Shane Survivor
Reggie Survivor
Shane Walker
Shane and Reggie Character Cards
Equipment Cards
Mantic Points

Miniatures supplied assembled and unpainted. Requires The Walking Dead: All out War Core Set to play.