Safety Behind Bars Expansion Set #3


Walking Dead Behind Bars Expansion

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Safety Behind Bars is a narrative expansion to The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game, containing a series of scenarios to recreate the ongoing struggles of the Atlanta group, and their discovery of the Meriwether County Correctional Facility, from their struggle to clear the yard, to their first encounter with the prisoners, to Dexter’s violent coup!

The set also includes new characters, equipment, supplies, events, and scenery to expand your regular games and watch out for the threat posed by those pesky walkers wearing riot gear!

It also contains a printed play-mat with a detailed prison interior, introducing rules for fighting indoors, and finding hidden Lurkers!

This expansion contains 6 unique, collectible miniatures allowing you to add Dexter, Andrew, Axel and Thomas to your games, along with a walker and an armored walker to bulk out your herd.


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