Prelude To Woodbury Solo Starter Set


Walking Dead Prelude To Woodbury

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All Out War is a game of fast-paced, head-to-head skirmishes in the world of The Walking Dead. This is gaming as it should be fast, furious and fun!

The Prelude to Woodbury is a narrative single-player adventure featuring Brian “The Governor” Blake and his exploits from before he rose to power in Woodbury and encountered Rick.

The introductory quick-start tutorial will take you through the rules step-by-step as you play out the Governor’s story, and the box contains everything you need to get started.

This set contains 6 unique, collectible miniatures allowing you to add Brian “The Governor” Blake to your games, along with 5 Walkers to battle your way through. It also contains an exclusive “Solo” version of the game’s Event deck.

This game can be played as a solo stand alone item or if you want add it to your All Out War collection to include extra equipment, a playable character and those handy extra dice never go a miss.


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