Orc Starter Fleet (Armada)

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Orc Starter Fleet

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The orcs could never be considered a seafaring race, but from the day they gazed out across the sea and saw two warring fleets ablaze as cannons roared, their greatest Krudger declared: ‘Yessssssss!’ And so began the orcs’ naval adventure.  These resin miniatures really capture the feel of ugly crafted orc ships built for the purpose of causing maximum carnage against any one who stands in their way.


  • 1x resin Smasher
  • 1x resin Hammerfist
  • 1x resin Bombboat
  • 3x orc ship cards
  • 4x fleet reference cards
  • 7x orc upgrade tokens
  • 3x MDF bases


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may need assembly using super glue.  We recommend washing resin miniatures in soapy water before assembly.


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