Morgan Distraught Father Booster (Wave 3)


Morgan Distraught Father Booster – Walking Dead (Wave 3)

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Well over a year after they first met, Rick returned to Cynthiana and discovered an emaciated and distraught Morgan, who greeted him with a shovel. A glimmer of recognition sparked in Morgan’s wild eyes, and he joined his old friend on the road to Washington DC.

This is one of my favourite characters to play with in All Out War, Morgan is a tough guy but his unstable rule means you can never be sure how many actions you are going to get with him. CONTENTS

This booster pack contains 3 unique, collectible miniatures allowing you to add Morgan and Eugene to your games, along with an extra Walker to bulk out your horde.


Plastic Morgan and Eugene Cooney Miniatures
Plastic Walker Duane Miniature
Morgan, Distraught Father, Eugene Cooney, and Tyreese, Blinded by Rage Character Cards
Body Armour, Grenade, Shovel, and Titanium Baseball Bat Equipment Cards
Mantic Points

Miniatures supplied assembled and unpainted. Requires The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game Core Set to play.