Implements of Carnage – Gaslands


Implements of Carnage – Gaslands

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This pack contains two plastic frames with a selection of weapons, armour, dozer blades and other cool stuff to allow you to customise your hot wheels/matchbox cars ready for battle in Gaslands: Refulled.  The set provided accessories of the correct scale to use.

Each implements of carnage frame include

4 machine Guns, 3 Heavy machine Guns, 2 Mini Guns, 1 Harpoon, 1 Racing vent, 2 Droppers, 1 Death ray, 1 Tool box, 2 Dozer Blades, 1 motorbike, 4 Wheels (double-sided alloys), 4 Sheets of armour, 1 Bull Bars, 1 Engine Block, 1 Exhaust, 1 Flamethrower, 2 Drivers, 1 Turret Gunner, 1 Turret Ring, 2 Side Exhausts, 1 Rocket Launcher, 1 Radar Dish, 2 Rockets… that’s a lot of stuff!

These items are supplied unpainted


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