Heroes of the Dale – Booner Battleaxe, Dwarf Warrior


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Booner Battleaxe is a Dwarven blacksmith, a mighty warrior and a leader amongst his Dwarven kin. He is the adopted father of Kitty who he rescued as a child, and he has mentored and trained the young barbarian Wolf too whom he also treats like his own son. Unusually for a Dwarf, all of Booner’s closest companions are not Dwarves. He is skilled in both his smithing and in combat and the hammer he created for Wolf is his proudest creation to date.

Booner is a 32mm scale Dwarf, standing approximately 28mm tall.

Please note these models will be resin printed to order and you should allow 7-10 days for delivery.  Of course we do everything we can to get these super minis to you as soon as we can!



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