Ghost Blitz

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Ghost Blitz

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Five items sit on the table waiting to be caught… who will be the first to match their card with the item on the table? Seeing is boo-lieving in this spook-tacular game of speed!

What a simple game that the whole family can play.  Place the 5 game pieces in a circle. Shuffle the cards and place them in a face-down deck where everyone can see them.  Each round, one player is chosen to flip a card. As fast as they can, they flip the top card from the deck so everyone can see the illustration.  Each card shows an illustration of two objects from the five objects in the game. Players are looking for one of two things:

  • Players should determine if one of the objects on the card are coloured correctly. If so, players as fast as they can try to grab the correctly coloured object.
  • If both objects on the card are mis-coloured, players then try as fast as they can to grab the object which isn’t represented on the card in either form or colour.

The player who first grabs the correct object takes the card into their reward pile.  Any player who grabs an incorrect piece, must give the player who grabbed the correct piece, one of their cards from their reward pile (if they have any). You can only grab one item per round.  All pieces are then returned back to the centre of the table for the next round.

The game ends when all the cards in the deck have been taken. The player with the most cards in their reward pile is the winner!  This is a crazy and very interactive game the whole family can play, with 2 to 8 players…this game can get pretty mad and is so much fun.


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