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Restorative Gaming

I wanted to share a social media post I came across which really rang true regarding the restorative powers of board gaming, in particular with the climate we are currently experiencing with the whole Covid situation. I think the original poster of these comments summed it up perfectly.

The restorative gift of board games !!I first started my wife when I was in grade 4 (10 years). Fast forward 44 years, and we have been married for 29!! We were in a nightly rut, come home tired from work, rustle up some dinner, binge watch TV series and fall asleep !! So with Covid came board games … and it’s been awesome. We still come home tired. We still make dinner. We still watch a TV show … but we stop at one and then play a game almost every night. So instead of being zombies we started talking again. And after 29 years we have actually learnt more about each other. How we think, what we prefer, what we are like when we win and lose. More than anything we are talking more and it’s been restorative 🙂

I myself enjoy games on so many different levels and it has helped my mood and mental health incredibly over the years I’ve been dabbling in this wonderful hobby. Its a great way to interact with others and spend time together with your family. As always I’m always happy to chat about different types of games and make any suggestions where I can. Feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. info@tabletopheroes.co.uk