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Games For Families During Lockdown

So it is looking like we are going to be spending more time together as at the time of writing schools are closed, more people are working from home and its not possible to go to many entertainment venues….luckily we have our old friend board gaming to fall back on.

I wanted to start a small series of brief blog posts with suggestions of games you may want to try and play with children during the current situation. I understand that this isn’t always as easy as it may sound as its sometimes difficult to compete against electronic devices and watching cartoons or Frozen for the five hundredth time….so I hope these suggestions might give you some idea of interesting games that will engage the children and also allow you to share the activity together.

I’ll kick this mini series off then with a game called Icecool, a very tactile and interactive game that has a 3 dimensional element and is all about chasing penguins and catching fish. It plays 2 to 4 players and will last about half an hour per game, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be playing at least a couple of times.

ice cool penguins

The game has a great look and cleverly created a playing area using the box and boxes within the box to create a playing area with walls and door ways, the art work is cute (who doesn’t like cute penguins) and this helps make it look more interesting than some other family games.

But where this game becomes fun is the way you move your penguin playing pieces around, its essentially by flicking them in the direction you want them to move. This sounds easy but getting them to go where you want is a hoot. You will start to realise that if you flick a penguin on an edge you can start to get it to turn and spin in certain directions and with some luck and practice you’ll pull off some fancy trick moves…but I can assure you children seem much better at it than adults!

I’ve added a link here to a short video which shows you how to play the game so you can get a good idea of how it works. Now you will find two versions of the game, Icecool and Icecool 2, they are both fully playable in their own right as a stand alone game, but if you want to step up the craziness you can join the two games together and play over a much larger area.

When we’ve played this game its always been a lot of fun and has really engaged kids we’ve played it with and its certainly easy to set up and jump straight in to. If you’d like to look a buying a copy or even both then check out the product in store here. I think you’ll be pleased you added this one to your collection. Take care