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Michonne Venegful Hunter – Booster Overview

Welcome back to this weeks blog entry, which is a look at the booster pack from Mantic Games All Out War range containing the Michonne Vengeful Hunter set. As always with the Mantic range for Walking Dead be aware that the game is based on the comic book versions of the characters. This set of miniatures is from the story timeline during the conflict with the Governor and his Woodbury army and Michonne’s return to Woodbury to meet out some violent revenge. Just as an aside, I thought David Morrissey who played the role of The Governor in the TV series was great, but for me the comic book version was much nastier and far more dangerous and down right evil.

Three miniatures that come with this set

Any way, back to the matter in hand. You get three figures in this set, which are made from the hard plastic with the integral bases. You get the titular character, Michonne who is armed with an assault weapons and is now wearing the protective riot armour. You will notice she is missing her trade mark katana and has a billy club tucked in her belt, this is another nod to the comic book story line. The male character in the pack is Tom Blanchford, one of the Woodbury faction foot soldiers who comes dramatically posed wielding a tyre iron whilst carrying a shotgun slung over his back. The third miniature is a walker to bulk out you herd, this poor unfortunate undead has a lovely broken leg with a bone sticking out, whilst his internal organs spill from his stomach, I also particularly like his bushy beard and glasses. I decided to paint mine up like this.

Miniatures from my own collection

So lets talk about the character cards. Firstly the Vengeful Michonne, which comes with the character type ‘Tactician’ and the Rick’s group faction affiliation. At an expensive 54 points cost she gives you A high nerve character with healthy purple dice for melee and defence, but her ‘live by the sword’ special rule gives an additional purple dice to her melee attack pool if her side is outnumbered in melee by two to one. In addition her ‘Grim Vendetta’ rule gives her an added white dice in any attack roll against The Governor….if you read the comics you’ll know how that turns out!

Tom’s a much cheaper cost gives you a bruiser character with affiliation to the Woodbury faction. He has a good mix or red and white dice slewed towards melee and medium nerve. He can soak up a good bit of damage with 6 points of health. The special rule ‘shove’ give Tom a chance to push an enemy out of melee range to avoid melee combat, a very useful ability.

As regards the equipment cards you will find a tyre iron to arm Tom with as well as a riot shield to add to the wielders defence rolls. The ranged weapon card included is an uzi machine gun with the reliable trait and 3 multiple shots in an attack. At a cost of 14 points the card giving the bandoleer equipment is really useful, it will allow the wearer to reload a ranged weapon as an action, well worth those points I think.

As always I appreciate the time you take to read these ramblings and I hope you find it useful. If you would like to buy this booster pack then click here to shop now. If you use the promo code MATESRATES10 in the checkout you’ll get a thank you discount of 10%. Hope to hear from you soon.