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A Matter of Contrast

I finally go around to cracking open the Safety Behind Bars expansion for The Walking Dead All Out War game, the pack contains the inmate characters from the prison as well as a riot gear clad zombie and a prison overall wearing walker, these presented a change in direction to the usual clothing I’ve been painting up to date and I was able to employ a method of painting which gave a result I was happy with and quickly too.

First let me give you the method for the Orange prison overall suits, you will be surprised how quick and easy they are to do. Firstly the figure was under coated in white or off white and then the orange overall base coat was applied using Games Workshop orange contrast paint, this worlds really well on the creases of the cloth. Leave this to dry properly and then on to the next stage. Now this next part is really cool, take some thinned white paint and brush on the highlights over the orange contrast paint, catching raised areas, edges and places like the knee and elbow joints. At this point it will look like you’ve ruined your miniature but fear not, the next stage is where the magic happens. Back with the orange contrast paint, add a little glaze medium to some of the orange contrast paint to thin it down and then just Paint over the orange area again, the white highlights will become orange and as quick s that the overalls are done.

The riot armour was created using a similar method. Firstly the armour was painted using black contrast paint over a white primer. Once dry I highlighted the edges and parts that will catch the light with light grey paint and then once dried applied a thin coat of blue glaze to these areas and as easy at that the riot armour was painted.

I hope you find these methods useful and I look forward to seeing your results. As always feel free to comment or message me.