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I’ve been playing around with bases again this weekend and thought I’d share what I’ve been doing in case you find something that you find helpful. I’ve been building a fantasy barbarian army from the snowy wastes of the North and decided I wanted to add a bit of monster support for it in the form of a yeti. The yeti is from the Reaper bones range (really good value for money) and fitted the bill, but I decided he needed his base chopping about to add extra height to the model and make sure he looked worthy of his big bad monster reputation.

First thing I did was to cut the yeti off of the base he was attached to, because the Reaper Bones are made of polymer plastic it was an easy job with a razor saw, then so I could attach it to the base latter I drilled a small rod in to his foot attaching it with super glue so he can be pinned to his new base later on. I won’t go in to painting the miniature here post as this is all about bases.

I wanted a square base 50mm x 50mm so cut that from plasti-card then using PVA glue added layers of broken cork sheet to give extra height and the appearance of jagged rock face. Once it was all dry I painted it over with grey acrylic paint then washed with black ink and laid down some grey and white dry brushing. The rest of the base was painted earth brown and then ready for the next stage.

Once everything was all dry I smothered the base with basing glue and then just dipped the base in some of the Ready Base Scrubland blend (sold on this site) and added a few tufts for good measure and that’s the bulk of the base finished. I wanted to add some snow fall (just a little, not drifts) which is very simply done. Just splash a little watered down pva as required and then sprinkle the snow powder over the base. Leave it all to dry and its then just a matter of pushing the pin on the model through the cork and add a bit of glue to the feet and its done. Let it all dry over night and there you have it.

A little time spent working on bases can elevate a model to the next level, so it’s important that after spending all that time painting the miniature you don’t skimp or rush this part of it. Check out the range of Ready Base product on the site, I promise you once you’ve had a go you won’t look back.

Happy basing.