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Rust In Peace

I’ve been meaning to play around with rust and chipping damage on models for a little while and didn’t really know where to start, so whilst trawling the internet I came across the Vallejo brand paint set for just this purpose. The set is an acrylic set of paints for using with an airbrush, but of course like any airbrush paint I’m sure they could be brush painted. I decided to repaint one of the trucks from the Walking Dead All Out War Scenery Booster pack that I had previously hand painted.

There are a few steps but with an airbrush its super easy. Firstly I gave the model a base coat of a deep reddish brown, then sprayed random areas with different shades of rust coloured shades of brown and orange, once these had dried I stippled random yellowy patches using a sponge. Again after allowing all this to dry I sprayed it over with the magic chipping effect liquid a thick clear product which forms coat between the base coat and the next coat that will be applied. Again after drying I applied the top coat which would be the original paint job before it was damaged, using the airbrush allows you to blend between the larger rusted areas easily. The next step is where the magic happens, once the top coat is dry you can use a wet brush or tooth brush to start attacking the top coat, as you gently rub or pick at it it flakes away leaving that damaged paint work look and letting those rust colours show through. After your happy with all that just spray a coat of matt varnish to seal the model and then add any detail like the tyres, lights etc. you have to varnish it first because you don’t want to activate the chipping medium when you apply more water based paints.

I was pretty pleased with this for my first attempt with this method, I think I need to spend some time looking at real life and photos of rust just to get the look as realistic as possible, or I could just cast my mind back to the first car I ever brought which would have been an excellent example of rusting!

Hope that helps and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Happy rusting!