News The Painting Table

Visual Appeal

There are many facets to table top miniature gaming and one of those that gives me the greatest pleasure is the model making and painting aspect, I think it provides a creative outlet and as well as being calming for my mind it is very satisfying to see your finished results.

New additions to the web store are the new terrain crate products which provide some well detailed and highly thematic scatter terrain for your gaming table and represent great value for money. The addition of these items elevate the look of your table to the next level.

As regards the visual ascetic of your table and figures, no matter what skill level or ability of painting you are at I would say always be happy with what you have created. In times gone by I spent a lot of wasted energy beating myself up that my toys never looked as nice as the ones you see painted on the front of boxes or on other websites and my skill levels were not acceptable…well this is total crap. However your figures and scenery look you have created your own unique versions of these items and taking the time to apply some paint to a figure to my mind is, and I’m trying not to sound pretentious, an art form, albeit using a 3d canvas. Like all artists our skills will improve with practise and our styles may change, but every time you dip your brush in that paint you are taking a creative and learning journey. So enjoy your painting and encourage others, if you see a picture on social media of a miniature that may not compare to the golden demon award winning standard you’ve seen elsewhere give it a like and comment, after all each miniature represents a piece of someones life spent creating that little bit of 3d art. Peace and love.