Keeping It Together

As my own collection of the Walking Dead All Out War game has grown I have found myself needing to consider storage a little more, so I thought I’d share a couple of things I do to keep my stuff organised.

Firstly the equipment cards, there are a stack of these and even more so if you invest in the equipment expansion deck (totally worth it!). So I can find these easily I use an Ultraguard 18 pocket card storage folder, I’ve added a photo so you can see. It certainly makes picking the cards a lot easier.

Secondly, you no doubt have a lot of character cards. I like to sleeve mine using the oversized sleeves you can buy for Magic The Gathering. I just stack these together and use a hair bob (one of those things for tying your pony tail) to wrap them all together like an elastic band. The advantage of the hair bob thing is that it doesn’t pull so tight as an elastic band and doesn’t damage the cards. Mind you seeing as I’m bald I do get strange looks when I put these in my shopping basket.