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Dealing With Yellow

It is often considered that painting yellow is a bit tricky, and this is probably not helped by the fact acrylic yellow paints can be a little thin and not cover so well. So I thought I’d share my recent bit of yellow paint application on the miniature of Governors daughter Penny.

The dress was firstly undercoated with white, I find this much easier to cover and gives more vibrant colours. The dress was base coated in Reaper paints marigold yellow, the paint covered pretty well and I gave it two thin coats. Once this was dry I gave the dress a wash with Games Workshop sepia wash thinned down a little. Once this was thoroughly dried its just a case of picking up the highlights with Reaper sun yellow and lemon yellow. I was pleased with the overall result and think the shades of yellow work well together. Also to finish off the figure I used some of the ‘ready base’ blend which you can buy from this web site. I hope this helps, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.