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Why Resin

You may not be aware that some of the later released miniatures from the Walking Dead All Out War range are cast in resin as opposed to the hard plastic you may have seen previously. As if the hard plastic models weren’t excellent already, this has allowed the figure designers to really up their game. The amount of crisp detail on each casting and the sharpness of the quality of casting is through the roof, and the poses are more dynamic. Certainly the resin method that mantic games are using is head and shoulders above other miniature manufactures (I’m looking at you so called ‘finecast’ range from Games Workshop).

I would suggest when you get your miniature just give it a wash in some warm soapy water to get rid of any residue of the release agent, then any assembly is done using super glue, I have found they are well designed and go together seamlessly. A sharp model knife will trim of any flash, and to be honest I really had to search hard to find any, and then prime up and paint as normal. I’ve added a picture of the Jesus booster I made recently before he was painted so you can see how good they look. And of course the Jesus booster is available from this site. Happy painting